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You and Our World

Do you believe you have a purpose? That there is a reason you were born? That there is something unique about you? That you are here to find out what that is and share it with the world? Well, whether or not you believe this to be true, you do have a purpose. Why? Because you are human.

Imagine you are on your death bed reflecting back on your life. Do you want to look back and say “I lived a meaningful, fulfilled life that I loved?” Obvious question right? We all want that. If so, then that means we all have a common purpose; to live a meaningful, fulfilled life that we love.

What is obvious is that most of us struggle to achieve that life. For example, surveys suggest only 10% of people actually like their job. Nearly everyone is living their life doing a job they dislike! The consequence is most of us feel totally uninspired and unfulfilled by our life. We feel it’s lost its purpose. Instead of love loving it, feelings of anger, frustration, guilt, shame or some other emotion takes its place.

In order to fix this and achieve a life you love, wouldn’t it make sense to live your life doing the things you love most? Now the things that I love most, will be different to yours. Sure there will be similarities, but the exact things we love most will be specific to each of us. Just like our fingerprints, we have a uniqueness to the ways we achieve the life we love.

To live our life doing the things we love most is our unique purpose. For example, I might love “animals”, “people” and the “environment” most. So my purpose could be “to raise awareness for how animals, people and the environment are interconnected”. If I truly love them most, then doing this would bring me a life I love. The challenge we face is that most of us don’t know what we love most. Sure you might love your kids or partner, but what are the things you love most that you are going to spend your life doing for them? What is your purpose? Collectively we’ve become disconnected and distracted from our answer. Yet it is the most fundamental part about what makes us us.

You are unique. You have a purpose. To share something great with the world in ways that no-one else can. You are designed to go find it and achieve it. It’s your answer to a life we all desire – one we love. You just need to reconnect with what it is. The truth is, we all need you.

With Love,


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