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Your Purpose
How BEAUTY became the BEAST

The Earth is heating up, ice is melting, sea levels are rising, species are being forced to extinction, sea life is plummeting, pollution is spreading, and animals are being slaughtered for their parts.  It’s fair to say our worlds health is suffering.  So let me ask you….do you really care about this?  Did you know you are designed to?

Nature encompasses many things.  Earth, air, fire, water and all the living beings we share those things with – animals, plants, bacteria, sea life etc.  Now you might not be sitting there thinking “I love bacteria!”, so how can it be that you are designed to care for those things?  The answer is based on your “purpose”.

We all have a purpose in life – to live a life we love.  Everyone wants that but we each have unique ways of achieving it.  To know your unique ways, you need to know what you value or love most in life.  For example, you might value “making a difference” most.  If so, you may have a purpose to “be the best parent I can” or “to improve the standards of healthcare” or “enhance animal welfare” in order to make that difference.  Although we can pursue similar things, there is no-one capable of doing them in the way you can.

What’s interesting though is, no matter what;  your purpose is always related to how you can best serve others.  In essence, you are designed to care for others.  What can restrict us however, is a belief that the only “others” that matter are other humans.

Every animal, tree, and yes those handsome bacteria, all contribute to you fulfilling your purpose.  Your purpose might not directly involve caring for the planet, but it and all of its beings greatly impact whatever purpose you do have.  How could they not?  They all contribute to the air you breath, the water you drink and the food you eat.  They provide you with your health and without your health, you lose the platform to go and achieve your purpose.  So how can you achieve a life you love, if you don’t consider the planet and all of its beings?  The answer is, you can’t.

You are designed to care for our world’s health.  To have love for it and all the species we share it with.  They are part of you, as you are part of them.  If you want a life you love, care for them as much as anyone.  They deserve it, and so do you.

With love,


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