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Full of FREE insights, tips, and strategies - Ben's blog about life is a place to help you discover how to live a life you love.

Topics include knowing how to FIND YOUR PURPOSE, ACHIEVE OPTIMUM HEALTH, IMPROVE RELATIONSHIPS with yourself (self love/self esteem) and others. Better still, it will also explore how to OVERCOME LIFE BARRIERS holding us back from achieving these things, so you are empowered to know how to change your life into a MEANINGFUL, INSPIRING and FULFILLING life you LOVE.


Emotional Wellbeing: How to cope with SELF-ISOLATION?

In this interview with Pip Lawrence from the Wellbeing People, I discuss how to cope with and overcome our challenges, particularly as they relate to the […]

LIVE A LIFE YOU LOVE – why it’s all you need.

Our most fundamental desire as humans is to LIVE LIVES WE LOVE.  How can we know?  Ask yourself, DO YOU WANT TO LIVE A LIFE YOU […]
love yourself

Loving Yourself – Anita’s Story

Loving life begins with loving yourself first.  May this story of ones journey to love themselves again, help inspire you to do the same….   Anita […]

Overcoming Fear – Helen’s Story

Helen initially came to see me with a goal to achieve better health.  She had suffered from various health issues and so we began exploring potential […]
Depressed woman

Overcoming GUILT – Karin’s Story

I came across Karin whilst giving a talk recently in Hertfordshire to a fine group associated with Berkhamsted Chiropractic Clinic.  I had been asked to speak […]

How BEAUTY became the BEAST

“Beauty – the quality of being pleasing to the senses or to the mind.” (Oxford Dictionary) Here we will refer to beauty as the “visually” pleasing […]

You and Our World

The Earth is heating up, ice is melting, sea levels are rising, species are being forced to extinction, sea life is plummeting, pollution is spreading, and […]

Your Purpose

Do you believe you have a purpose? That there is a reason you were born? That there is something unique about you? That you are here […]
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