About Ben

Doctor of Chiropractic,
MChiro, Dip. C. Hyp. DACNB

“In a world full of people struggling with their lives, my purpose is to help them overcome the barriers that hold them back, so they're free to fulfil their potential and live lives they LOVE.”

“I help people to live lives they LOVE.”

At the age of 13 Ben was a confident, happy kid who loved his life. Enduring many challenges in quick succession, he fast became a fearful one who resented it. Unaware how to change and get his life back on track, he embarked on a journey to discover how to overcome life’s challenges, so we can live lives we love again.

This journey has seen him accrue a 5 year Masters in Chiropractic with the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic, a 3 year postgraduate diploma in Functional Neurology with the Carrick Institute of Clinical Neuroscience and Rehabilitation, and a postgraduate certification in Childhood Developmental and Learning Disorders with the International Association of Functional Neurology. He holds a diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and has served as a Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Neurology Board. He has completed additional professional courses in a wide range of disciplines including personal development, human behaviour, wellness and epigenetics.

With several years helping people in clinical practice, Ben helps people to identify and overcome their life's barriers, so they're free to fulfil their potential and live lives they love.

Through motivational speaking, live programmes and his BLOG, he helps people to find their purpose, enhance and sustain their health, maximise their relationships with themselves, others, and the world around them, and know how to overcome any barrier that gets in their way of doing so.

  • Helen S
    Has made a big impact. Very engaging talk, would recommend everyone does this. I've learnt how to find my values in life. I realised there are more deeper emotions holding me back. I now feel more confident.
    Helen S
  • Louise R
    It has been incredibly positive. I have learned about nutrition, exercise and how to improve my mental health, overcoming my self-imposed barriers. It has inspired me to make changes and given me the confidence to believe that I can make them.
    Louise R
  • Louise B
    Liberating. Balancing positives and negatives in situations. Its made me feel very lucky to have lived the life I have and for all I have to look forward to. I enjoyed all of it.
    Louise B
  • Suzie M
    Amazing! Allowed me to reconnect with myself. Inspired me to start doing yoga and loving myself more. It was great!
    Suzie M
  • Anthony L
    Insightful. The methods are short lived but powerful and I imagine long lasting. They allow you to quickly and concisely identify and neutralise set backs in areas of your life - physical, mental, emotional, behavioural etc. that are causing resistance to a balanced, centred and fulfilling life.
    Anthony L
  • Jenny S
    I have learnt so much, I cannot thank you enough! I learnt that its ok to feel shaky and to know that I can overcome it and embark on different adventures. I learned that your mind is an incredible force and it can achieve amazing things. I feel very refreshed. This programme is great!
    Jenny S

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